Blue Nose Week 3 

I’m a little late with last week’s Blue Nose update but better late than never I guess.


This week’s run was definitely the most satisfy run on this course yet. The snow was melted off 100% of the course which made for a lot less frustration. Up until today the sidewalks had been lined with snow banks which made it virtually impossible to get around the slower pedestrians. This was also the first day that I was able to run up the hill in Point Pleasant Park without having snow on it so I was able to get a sense of how things may go for the race. The good news was my split for the hill was under 5:00min/K which is definitely where I need to be to reach goal. 


Today I also decided to try and do something a little different. I never run with music, most races don’t allow it and so I don’t think it’s good to train with it. I will be following this up with a post about RockMyRun so I’ll save the app details for then. 


I’ll keep today’s post short as I’m a little late with it anyway. Overall it was exciting to be run so close to goal with still lots of time left. With the weather starting to come around I’m expecting to see improvement. The conditions are starting to allow for some outdoor speed work which is what I really need. 

If you want to run faster, train faster! 




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