RockMyRun – A Review

Welcome to the blog. Let me start with saying this is my first official review, hope you find it helpful. 

I guess I should post a disclaimer: my opinion is not valued enough to have received any compensation for this review and besides I have a day job. 

RockMyRun is available in both the App Store and Google Play. My review is of the iOS version.

I can best described RockMyRun as having the worlds best DJ in the palm of your hands. You would spend hours of your own time trying to re-create what the developers of this app have done! My expectation was that I’d open the app up and hear nothing but remixed instrumentals, dead wrong! This has all the best songs from every genre possible! So many genres I’m not going to list them all. The bottom line on the music is you won’t find a playlist with less than a four star review and if one does exist I haven’t found it!

Looking Inside The App

You do have to register in order to use the app, go for it! You will be given the option to purchase a subscription or to continue for free.

I App Shot

You can decide what it’s worth to you! I personally used the free service as I normally do with apps I’m using for the first time. I didn’t mind the interruptions but I was definitely bummed when the music stopped before I had completed my run. The price is definitely more than what you are probably used to paying for an app but I don’t think it’s outrageous for the amount of music you have available to stream.


Like I mentioned before the music is limitless! Do take a look at the stations in the photo and you’ll notice the beats per minute (BPM) listed for each station. This feature is awesome, especially if you are hoping to hit a certain pace on your run. Here is a great article if you are interested in converting your desired miles/minute goals into BPM: Speed Training By BPM


 Once you have decided which playlist to run to, it took me longer to do this than it did to do my run, you’re good to hit play!


This is what your play menu looks like. This is also the screen that will continue to be displayed while you run. The music WILL continue to play if you close the app out! BONUS! Some of the features on this screen are the button to show you the showcased artists, a button to play previous song, a button to play the next song and the button to finish your run/walk. 

One of the last features of the RockMyRun is the apps step tracking ability. Once you start play on your station your steps are tracked. Hitting the flag will stop your workout giving you your step count. I preferred to close the app and use another tracking app for my run. 

Final Say

The music selection was superb! The ease of which to use the app was great! The only issue I had was with how fast my battery drained. I was streaming and using my gps at the same time so not completely unexpected. The price of the ROCKSTAR upgrade is in my opinion worth it considering the amount of music you have access to. 

I’ll be honest I’m not a runner who runs with music but I will definitely be planning runs based around some high BPM playlists in the near future. 



I’ll be honest, I play the music when I’m at home doing nothing! 


2 thoughts on “RockMyRun – A Review

  1. Thank you for this awesome detailed review Jay! We are so glad that you enjoy the app and have shared your experience with others. We would love to offer your readers and yourself, a promo code for a month of RockMyRun Rockstar. Redeem the code: JAYTULK for a free month and feel free to share with your readers and friends!

    Rock on,

    RockMyRun Team

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