Sure Is Gusty Out Here! 

I have never trained through the winter like I have been doing this year. I normally lay low for the winter put on a few pounds and struggling through my first race of the new year.

But since racing a personal best in my last race of 2015 I knew I had more in me and so here I am racking miles.

So this leads to today’s post.

Today was not the nicest of days for a run, sure the temperature was nice for this time of year but the wind and rain were torrential and believe me if this had been any other year there was no way I was running today.

But I Went

I went so that I could tell myself I did it! So I could think about today when other tough days arise! It’s not as if race day comes with some guarantee of optimal weather.

So instead of looking out the window and shrugging my shoulders and deciding today wasn’t my day to go for a run I made adjustments. Instead of going for my 10K tempo run I decided to slow it down and make it an easy run.

It sure does feel nice to know I’m maturing as a runner!


Slim On Pics Today Raining Too Hard



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