Sackville Snow Days 1 Miler

Today officially kicked off the 2016 race season!

Even though it may have been the coldest day I have every run on it was a great day for a race. Today was the inaugural run of the Sackville Snow Days 1 Mile hosted by the Lakeshore Runners and Walkers and I was more than glad to have been in the small group of people who took in this event. I had heard numbers of around 100 people had registered but that maybe only half of those had actually shown for the event. I’m sure the temperature had everything to do with this.


The location for this event was perfect. Sackville Drive is four lanes of asphalt that is flat for the most part and any climbs are barely noticeable. As this was labeled a fun run with or without timing the lanes worked well. One lane for runners being timed, one lane for those not wanting to be timed and two lanes for the canicross runners. Yes there were dogs, did I mention I raced against dogs! It was awesome to see the dogs they were quick.


The timing for the event was provided by Run Nova Scotia through the use of popsicle sticks. Take a popsicle stick with a number on it write your name on it and had it off as you cross the finish line, the number on your popsicle stick is put into the timing device and your given your finishing time. I know this may not sound as fancy as what you’re used to but it works great for these types of smaller events. I forgot to mention the best part of this event. IT WAS FREE! You can’t argue with free and if free means I have to carry a popsicle stick than give me a box of them.

As for how I felt about the race I thought it went well. I has been a few years since I have raced the mile. I find these races fun, as chance to get out and see how fast to you can go. A chance to see if the speed training I have been doing has been worth all the effort. Now I know these aren’t track runs and so the terrain is not consistent but that’s what gives the road mile its appeal.

I Think We Can Call This A PB

 So there are the results for the day, unofficially. Based on looking around I think I came in 7th place, I’m sure I was a good minute off the 1st place runner (I’ll try and post an update if the official times come out). I was just happy to be able to get out and support this event, since we lost the Bridge Mile to repairs on the bridge the community has been missing a good mile race. I hope that this event is able to catch on and become an annual race. I will definitely be doing whatever I can to promote the continuation of it.

 Photo Credit to: Your Running Race Photos

 Finally anyone in the Sackville area who might be looking for a group of runners or walkers to join check out Lakeshore Runners. This is a free club for people of all levels, they run every Tuesday night at 6:30 and Saturday mornings at 8:30 leaving from the food court at the Sackville Sports Stadium.




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