Blue Nose 10K – Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of my Blue Nose 10K training.

 Just to recap I am planning to run this route every week until the actual race.

This weeks run took place after a pretty significant snow fall on some pretty treacherous side walks. Caution was certainly taken to avoid injury, I will say my ankles are a little sore today from my feet slipping in the snow. With all that being said I can’t really be too disappointed with the pace I put down.

For this week I decided to pay closer attention to the kilometres and points along the route. For example at what kilometres do the climbs occur and how long does the decline off the start go for?

I know for me the the hill is going to be what makes or breaks me in this race so I will be trying to figure out how to fit this in. Should I break the 10K into 3 parts or 2 parts, those are the things I’m trying to do.

This was the hill today. Not pushing any pace up that!

 All in all it was a good run – any day you get out to run is a good day – you can’t really complain when the temperature is right. I can’t wait to be able to have ideal conditions to test myself, room to get around pedestrians will be nice.

This week I think I’ll start adding a hill day and hope that that gets me up the climb in the middle. I’m really starting to enjoy this focus on training and excited to see the results.

Until next week RUNHAPPY!



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