One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Welcome to a new week!

This past week was certainly a disappointment for me running wise. It started off with my phone dying 3/4 of the way through a run I was doing to scout out an upcoming 10k race and then got much worse when I destroyed my lower legs by running 10k in a horrible pair of sneakers! Which is what this post is about, the importance of a good pair of shoes!

For most of my running years I purchased sneakers randomly. I bought sneakers based on price, I bought sneakers based on looks and I bought sneakers based on how they felt walking around the inside of a store. I didn’t know better. Than towards the end of 2015 I decided to take a little extra money I had and headed down to the local shop, I knew these people had the expertise as many runners I know have made purchases here. From the minute I walked in to the shop I knew I was going to walk out with the shoe I needed. They started asking questions.

What do you want in a shoe? I want it to be light. 

How would you describe your stride? I mostly strike forefoot but when I get tired I tend to heel strike. 

Do you ever get foot or leg pain? Always! I always lose the same toenail, 2nd toenail on right foot. 

These were just a few of the questions we went through, the fact is they asked questions and genuinely seemed to care that I get the perfect shoe. After the questions the guy took a few minutes to measure my foot, I haven’t had that done in years! I’m used to just guessing my size and seeing if it fits. To my surprise he let me know that my one foot is slightly longer than the other and this would explain my toenail, especially if I’m fitting sneakers to my shorter foot.

After a few minutes the gentleman came back with a few styles from a couple of different brands. I put the first pair on and did the usual walk around the store and than was told to go for a run, pardon! You want me to go for a run? I was told I didn’t have to go far just down the road a bit. If you’re buying running shoes how else will you know how they feel unless you run in them. This process went on through several pairs of sneakers, I’m not sure I have spent more time with a salesperson for any other purchase I’ve ever made. Needless to say I was confident I had made the right decision. The decision by the way was the Brooks Launch 2, the Launch 3 are now available and will definitely replace my 2s once the time comes. And finally one more surprise at the cash, the offer to take back my shoes if after a few easy runs in them I wasn’t satisfied with them. WHAT! The service I received here was unbelievable, having mostly shopped in box stores I was prepared for this sort of attention. The best part about this whole experience was having sneakers that actually fit me, the pains in my feet and lower legs had virtually disappeared. I wasn’t afraid of the odd heel strike as these sneakers had padding in all the right places, I didn’t have to be running in a 0 drop just to get a light shoe. What a difference a pair of sneakers makes!

Unfortunately I went back to these 0 drop sneakers this week to run a 10k, my Brooks had accidentally been left in the car. The pain I suffered the next day was unbelievable! I had never thought that my sneakers were making that much of a difference. After 8yrs of running I still have a lot to learn, I’m just thankful there are people out there that know what they are doing and are willing to take the time to help you out.

Of course this story wouldn’t be complete without letting you all know where this awesome shop is. You can find Aerobics First located on Quinpool Rd in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Be sure to check out their social media where you can see all the amazing things they are doing for the community!




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