Blue Nose 10K Preview

One of the great things about MapMyRun is the ability to create Routes, and that is exactly what the organizers of the Blue Nose Marathon  in Halifax, Nova Scotia have done. Allowing runners to download the map on to your phone gives you the opportunity to do a few rehearsal runs, get a feel for elevation and even let you see how well you compare to others who may be doing the same thing. And so in leading up to the race in May 2016, I will be running the 10K, I have decided to work a weekly run of the course into my training an advantage you get when you’re running in your home town. So without further ado I’ll fill you in on how my first run of the course went and what my thoughts of the course are.

Phone died at 8.5K, the perils of technology!

Week #1 – Scouting Out The Course

My first thought was, this course is going to be fast! Starting out on Sackville St you are running flat if not on a steady decline even. You will do this until you enter Point Pleasant Park. Backing up for a second it should be noted that the course takes a hard left shortly after the start. If you are hoping for a PB you may want to position yourself close to the front as I see this corner becoming congested. You are also going to want to keep a close eye on your pace as the slight downhill may send you out quicker than you anticipated.

Once you enter Point Pleasant Park you will go from running on pavement to running on a crushed gravel surface. On this weeks run the ground was pretty soft but that shouldn’t be the case come May. In the park will also be where you find the first and really the only daunting change in elevation as you climb Tower Hill Rd. On this day the road was still snow covered as it has no winter maintenance. This climb will make you work but I think once you’ve reached the top you’ll be surprised at how much worse it could have been. 

Tower Hill Rd

Leaving the park will put you back on the streets of Halifax for that last push to the finish. You will have one more short climb up Pine Hill Dr before reaching Young Ave where I’m sure the pace will pick back up. From this point back to Sackville St for the most part I consider to be flat except for a few small bumps. It’s at this point that my phone died and so I left the course to run back to work. Knowing the road I know that there are no huge elevation changes and the 1.5k remaining will provide for a nice opportunity to kick it up a bit and finish strong, maybe reel in a new PB!  
So like I said this was my first week out on the course and I plan on doing this weekly. From week to week I will be looking at setting myself up for a successful race in May. I’ll be comparing splits and making adjustments in hopes of hitting my goal of 42min, a PB if I can get it. I’m excited about the course after this run, I may be way off but my gut tells me it’s going to be fast! 




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