Runtimate Armband

 I don’t always run with my cellphone but when I do I carry it in my hand.

Unlike the countless numbers of runners who wear their cellphones on their arms I carry mine in my hand. I can stand the bands that are currently on the market, neoprene strap and cheap plastic covers. Covers that fog up with condensation, that don’t allow you to operate the touch screen properly.

And what is the worst part about current arm straps? 

Good luck seeing the screen!

Don’t pretend like you haven’t been out for a run and nearly run yourself straight into a tree while your pulling and yanking on your band to take a look at your phone screen. Is there anything worse than trying to pull neoprene across your skin? I didn’t think so!

In steps Runtimate with a solution that will save you from the hell of armbands currently on the market. Now I have to admit I haven’t had a chance to try these new armbands but the concept alone has me sold on the fact that they have to be superior. Imagine being able to take your phone off of your arm with no hassle, being able to quickly see your distance and pace or even take a selfie if your so inclined. How does Runtimate do this you ask? Through the magic of magnets! Magnets on your phone allow your phone to than attach to the armband. Runtimate claims that the magnets are strong enough to hold the phone secure while your pounding miles. If armbands aren’t your thing but belts are be sure to take a look at their magnetic belt with modules to accommodate anything you might want to take on your next adventure.

Where can you find out more info on Runtimate? Check out their KICKSTARTER




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