I Like Your Shoes! 

First, this isn’t a review of anything in particular although in the future I hope to post some. This is a post just to answer a question I often get. What are some of my favourite things to run with?

First let’s start with my sneakers. After many years of running in several makes of Nike I have recently switched to the Brooks Launch and can say with certainty that I won’t be going back to Nike. I suspect a full Launch review in the future. 


For tracking my runs I turn to two devices. The Garmin 910xt for the more serious training sessions as well as bike rides and swims. The 910 is my race go back to, there is no way I could race holding on to my phone and I find an arm strap too annoying. I like the color screen and sleekness of the new 920 but I don’t see a jump to it in my near future. 

The second GPS device I like to use is my phone and the app MapMyRun. The best features about this are, I always have my phone on me and you get to be part of a bigger community. I like being able to see what my friends are up to and most importantly making sure I put down quicker times them they do. 


I’m not particular to any one clothing brand. The most important thing is is you find it comfortable, you will probably end up with several brands yourself. I recently realized I like singlets and “traditional” running shorts (you know the really short shorts). Play around with what your wearing and you’ll soon know what you like. 


The one thing I need for every race is my bib belt by FuelBelt. I can’t stand have bibs pinned to shirt. This belt also has some loop for gel if that’s your thing. 

Last but not least BodyGlide, I don’t always wear this but I have it just in case. There is nothing worse than chafe so if you are someone who gets chafe a lot this is the product for you. 

There is a quick look into my gear bag like I said I hope to do some more in depth reviews of some gear but for now this is how I roll. 




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