When you launch a blog it gives you the chance to hand out personal endorsements of products and people that you have an affection for, and so for my first post I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to this amazing initiative BIBSWITCH

BIBSWITCH is working to eliminate the illegal transfer of race bibs, a problem hatched from race directors reluctance to provide refunds or transfers on race registrations. A problem many of us don’t even know exists until something in our life happens which keeps us from the the starting line. With many of us registering for races far in advance in order to take advantage of cheaper race fees things like training injuries aren’t even a thought.

 BIBSWITCH is a Global online platform that facilitates bib transfers between athletes and race directors. We aim to help end the existing black market.

In steps BIBSWITCH, a legal marketplace for runners to sell their race registrations. Through BIBSWITCH with the permission of race directors they aim to facilitate the transfer of your unusable race bib to someone who is looking to participate.

I am just touching the surface of this great initiative. Do yourself a favour and click over to BIBSWITCH while you are there sign the online petition encouraging all race directors to do the right thing by its racers.

Sing the petition here: PETITION


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